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Art Insiders' Community is for you to share your work, get feedback and also get feedback to others' artwork. Learning and growing is easier when done together.


“This workshop was very interesting and effective. sessions were more lively and Mandar Sir beautifully taught us basic techniques and also made sure to answer all our doubts. I started after long time and at the end I am able to draw better then before.”

Rutuja Thakur

Drawing Workshop Participant

“I liked how simplified the training session was. My sense of accomplishment after the acrylic painting workshop was immensely gratifying. Mandar Marathe Sir patiently explained painting techniques and answered numerous questions."

Sunila Kelkar

Acrylic Painting Workshop Participant

"Very simple, clear and easily implementable steps for a beginner to increase his/her confidence, and pursue this art further. Gives a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after one has built one of these idols."

Shreeram Joshi

Ganapati Idol Making Course Student



Get immediate access to courses on Drawing, Composition, Color theory, Watercolor, Gouache, Oils, Acrylics, Digital Painting, Clay Sculpting and more


Live Painting Classes every week via Zoom + Recordings of past classes!

Q & A Sessions

Get your questions answered live on a zoom call. Watch the recording if you can't attend the call live.

Feedback On Your Artwork

Get feedback on your drawing/paintings from me via zoom calls.

Private Community

Private community only for the members of this membership program where you can share your work to get feedback and encouragement.

Reference Photos

A growing library of photos for you to paint from.


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Courses Included In The ART INSIDER Membership

You will have instant access to courses on Drawing, Painting (Watercolor , Gouache, Oil, Acrylic, Digital), Color Theory, Visual Composition, Sculpture, Sketchnoting & more when you join today.

[Note: The prices indicated with each course below are applicable only when you buy them individually. Members get access to these courses automatically, without additional fees.]

About Your Instructor

My name is Mandar Marathe and I make paintings, sculptures, conduct workshops and create online art courses.
Though I have been creating and exhibiting art since childhood, I became a full-time artist in 2011 after 16 years of a corporate career in the engineering and IT industry. My paintings are in the personal and corporate collections in 8 countries and in the last 10 years, 20000+ students have attended my workshops and online art courses.

Mandar Marathe Fine Art

Frequently Asked Questions

A course has a fixed amount of content. Generally, no new content is added to it. You pay for the course just once. Other than that content, there are no other resources that are available with a course.
Membership is like a Netflix or amazon prime subscription. If you join a monthly plan, you pay the subscription amount every month and get access to ALL the content (courses, live classes, etc.). This process goes on till you stop the subscription. Hence the plan is called a monthly plan and not one month plan.
New content gets added to Art Insider Membership frequently. Every week's live class is an important type of content that gets added every week. Members can attend these classes live or can watch the recordings. The membership fee is a small amount that is paid at a frequency based on your plan. For a monthly plan, your card gets debited with the fee every month, for a quarterly plan, your card gets charged once in 3 weeks and similarly for a yearly plan.
The quarterly plan saves you 15% as compared to the monthly plan and the yearly plan saves you 25% as compared to the monthly plan. This is because you are purchasing the access in bulk and that is rewarded by giving a discount. You can cancel your membership anytime.

The membership is already open and you can join anytime.
You can watch the recorded art courses (more than 35 currently) anytime. Just log in and start watching.
Live classes are conducted once a week and you'll see the registration link for the upcoming session on the My Courses page once you log in. If you are unable to attend these sessions "live", you can watch their recordings later on, whenever you have time.

Well if you’ve been wanting to create better art then this membership is designed to help you do just that, and more! Not only will we show you how to consistently make better and better art, but we’ll also provide all the support and resources you need to succeed.

  If you want to see if the membership is right for you, start with a monthly plan. If you join and find the membership isn’t for you then you can cancel easily any time. In fact, it just takes a few clicks! You have complete control. Similarly, you can cancel subscriptions to the quarterly and yearly plans also.

Due to the nature of the content delivered, there is no refund given. But if you feel this membership is not a right fit for you, you can cancel it anytime and you'll not be billed any further.

In addition to weekly live online classes, this membership gives you access to more than 35 art courses which you can watch anytime, a community which you can interact with, reference photos which you can paint from, recordings of live weekly art classes, and the facility to get answers to your art questions live or via email and community.

Each week I’ll take a topic and paint it. I’ll let you know in advance what I am going to use. Some days I’ll paint with watercolors, sometimes with acrylics, oils, gouache, or even digital. Some sessions might be only on pencil drawing! You are free to paint with any medium of your choice. I’ll tell you what adjustments you’ll have to do based on the medium you are using. I want to stress that all these are just “mediums” of art and “mediums” of our expression. I’ll not force but will encourage you to try different mediums as each one has its strengths and weaknesses.

Art Insider Membership is designed for beginner and intermediate level artists. When you do the exercises given in various courses or taught in the live class, you’ll get the benefits of that based on your level of expertise. Art is a journey and not a destination. Look at it like this: A yoga teacher teaches a pose to the class. When students themselves do the pose, every student, irrespective of their level of expertise, get its benefits.

Though I encourage you to attend all live sessions, I know life can get very busy sometimes. But don’t worry! All live sessions will be recorded and made available to you to watch later. This way you can catch up with what we did.

As long as you are a member of “Art Insider Membership” you’ll have access to the courses, recordings and live sessions.

As I mentioned earlier, art is a journey and not a destination. Art is a learnable skill. It needs just two things. Passion to learn and patience to do regular practice. And if you are thinking about whether you have any talent for art, don’t waste your time thinking about it and take my word. Talent is a highly overrated thing. Everybody has to learn everything, right from brushing teeth to painting a masterpiece. For being an artist, you just need passion to learn and patience for regular practice. Learning Art is like farming and not hunting.

All content in Art Insider Membership is delivered online. You can watch it from anywhere in the world. There is zero travel involved. You can watch the recorded courses at any time that’s convenient for you, early morning, during lunch break, late night, all fine.
If you can, attend the live sessions live but if not, watch the recordings later anytime.
If you want to learn and make art, you’ll need to prioritize it. Even 15 minutes a day is good to start with.

You can pay for this membership using a credit or a debit card.

You can access all the membership content from anywhere in the world using a computer, pad, or smartphone. You just need an internet connection.

Yes. You get Lifetime Access to any course when you buy it as a separate course (not membership). Visit the Courses menu in the top navigation bar to buy the courses..

Being an artist is a journey, not a destination. If you have been told by anyone that you can't be an artist or you'll  never be able to draw/paint well or you don't have the "talent", they  are simply ignorant or are lying to you. Talent  is highly overrated and nobody is born with skills to  draw/paint/sculpt. Even the great masters had to learn these skills by  getting knowledge from their teachers and then practice on their own. If  you have the desire to become an artist and are ready to put in the  practice needed, nobody can stop you from being an artist. To give you a  live example, I myself never went to any art school but I developed my  skills by watching other artists, reading books and practicing on my  own. I had strong desire but beyond that I don't think I have any  special talent which made me an artist. I mean it. So, remove the doubt and get busy learning and making art.

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