Start an effective daily drawing practice

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Drawing is an essential skill in various aspects of life and I am not talking only about art.

For example, drawing is done to create art, to create plans, to design websites, to describe concepts, to learn a subject, to express feelings, to communicate effectively, to eliminate day to day stress, to just have fun and the list goes on.

Good drawing skill is achievable with just 10 minutes of practice daily. When I tell this to people, first question they have is "what should I draw?" If they can't find an answer to this question, they just don't draw anything.

So, to answer this question everyday for 30 days, I have created this course. In this course there are 30 lectures and in each lecture, I draw an object and then show you the reference photo I used, for you to draw from. Though most of the drawings are done with pencil on paper, there are a few done with a ball point pen and a few done on an iPad using 5 different drawing apps.

After 30 days you'll be able to find subjects for drawing on your own because it is not important "what" you draw or how accurate each drawing is but what's important is that you put in the time to practice drawing regularly.

If you want to develop a daily drawing practice or just need 30 prompts for drawing, you should join this course. It does not matter if you are a student or a professional or a homemaker or a finance person or a fighter pilot or a school teacher. All you need to have is a desire to draw, draw and draw.

Remember that quality of your drawings is directly related to quantity of your drawings.

So, enroll in this class and kick start your daily drawing practice.

Intro to effective daily drawing
1. Shoes.mp4
2. Newspaper.mp4
3. Toothpaste Tube.mp4
4. Soft Toy.mp4
5. Badminton Racket.mp4
6. Flower.mp4
7. Musk Melon.mp4
8. Key.mp4
9. Leaf.mp4
10. Plier.mp4
11. Brushes.mp4
12. Cucumber.mp4
13. Perfume Bottle.mp4
14. Watch.mp4
15. Wallet.mp4
16. Tea Cup.mp4
17. Palette Knife.mp4
18. Christmas Bell.mp4
19. Empty Cup.mp4
20. Fruit Fork.mp4
21. Mortar And Pestle.mp4
22. Onion And Knife.mp4
23. Stapler.mp4
24. Notebook.mp4
25. Business Card Holder.mp4
26. Screw Driver.mp4
27. Ink Bottle.mp4
28. Shadow.mp4
29. Curry Leaves.mp4
30. Pear.mp4

What's included

  • 31 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Mandar Marathe


Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator and Designer